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The website “MyFirstDiscount” is an affiliate-related website that provides you with verified coupons or deals. The owner of this website is Amit Verma and he operates the website and all the employees and affiliate groups are subcontractors.


MyFirstDiscount is an online affiliate portal that provides coupons & deals. It's coupons or deals from online shopping websites to help users save money. MyFirstDiscount neither has online products nor is a merchant. For the convenience and time saving of our users, we provide a single platform for the products of many brands or dealers, thereby saving both time and money for the user. I want to tell you again that we do not sell or make any product, we only list the products of other brands on our website and verify their deals and coupons.


MyFirstDiscount cannot ensure the accuracy of any coupons or deals because the offers by the given brands are put by our deal analysts. As you all know, the deals or coupons do not remain active for long, if you do not get the deals or If you face any problem related to coupons, you can mail us this: info@myfirstdiscount.com
MyFirstDiscount is not responsible for providing value to any coupons, discounts, or any changes to deals or offers posted on third-party sites.

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