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Myfirstdiscount intends to protect the privacy of the data provided by its users visiting our website from time to time for free coupons deals and offers whether they are registered on our website or not.The privacy of users on our website, whether you are a former or current registered user of ours or simply a visitor to our website, is of utmost importance to us and we are strongly committed to protecting your personal and other information and your right to privacy and We encourage you to read our privacy statement to understand what personal information we collect and how we use that information.

Cookie Policy for MyFirstDiscount

MyFirstDiscount values your privacy and makes every effort to provide you with the best user experience. Our cookie policy is intended to explain how we use cookies on our website ( to upgrade your browsing and searching experience and to provide personalized services. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies by this policy.

What are cookies? Know about it.

As you know, nowadays it is common to have cookies on all websites. Their main purpose is only to improve your experience, these are some small files which are downloaded by your computer. The page containing all this information explains what information we collect and why we need to store these cookies and will also explain how we can block cookies. Yes but please note that this hurts the website, which can cause the site to break or go down.

How do we use cookies?

Below are some reasons why we use cookies. The only way you can opt out of cookies is by opting out of all cookies if you are not sure whether they are needed or not.

We Use Cookies for the following

  • Enhance your experience through personalized features.
  • To obtain information about your activities to enhance the functionality of our website.
  • Create advertising content that matches your interests.
  • To analyze website traffic and usage patterns.
  • How to use both third-party Google Analytics and Google AdSense

Cookies and IP Address

Our website is a coupon website, and when you log in, our website collects traffic data, location data, and some other communication data. Our website also collects certain information about your computer, including your IP address, operating system, and browser, to provide you with better offers for system administration. From the cookies stored on your hard drive, we can obtain information about how you are using the website. Because of this, we try to improve the website to help you better. Cookies enable us to understand what your interests are so that we can more easily present you with the information you are looking for. This information is used to show you advertisements tailored to your interests on our and other websites and to track your response to each advertisement.

How to manage cookies

If you want to manage cookies, you can do so by changing the setting of your browser, secondly, you can choose to accept or reject cookies or select some cookies that may have some adverse effect on the functionality of the website. By using our site, you agree to this cookie policy. If you have any queries or inconvenience, you can contact us.
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Collection and use of your personal data

Whatever information you share on our website, all that information is stored on a secure server. If you create a password, it is completely confidential; we neither see your password nor share it with anyone. You are requested not to share your password with anyone. We follow strict security rules to prevent unauthorized access to your information and also keep updating them from time to time. To enable us to provide you with products and services tailored to your interests, we consider your consent. We aim to ensure that our website functions correctly on your computer. Additionally, we provide you with information regarding any changes in our services.


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